Why Marnus is the 'luckiest Test bat in history'

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Former Australian batsman Ed Cowan has labelled the red-hot Marnus Labuschagne "the luckiest Test cricketer successful history."

During a antheral of the lucifer show successful Australia's crushing 2nd Ashes Test triumph successful Adelaide, immoderate different eye-popping statistic emerged.

"Marnus has been dropped 14 times successful Test cricket," Cowan told The ABC Grandstand podcast.

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Marnus Labuschagne of Australia celebrates scoring a century. (Getty)

"He has lone played 20 Tests. He has lone been caught 12 times.

"He is the luckiest Test batsman determination is successful past truthful acold statistically.

"Obviously helium gets the runs. But helium has been caught 12 times and dropped 14 times, which is conscionable insane.

"And you marque your ain luck, sure, but my connection that is fundamentally getting an other deed each Test match."

Cowan stressed that helium was not seeking to diminish Labuschagne's evident endowment by drafting attraction to the dropped drawback stats.

"He is simply a pugnacious bugger. He batted superbly this Test. He knows his game," Cowan said.

"He knows however to accommodate successful antithetic conditions. He has got a beardown technique. He has got a beardown mind.

"So possibly by 10 oregon 15 per cent (his estimation has been inflated by the drops), but not by a immense amount."

Labuschagne is 2nd successful the ICC Test batting rankings, down English skipper Joe Root and 1 spot up of Steve Smith.

His mean of 62.14 ranks him statistically arsenic the champion Test batsman since Donald Bradman.

Cowan besides unloaded connected England, calling them the worst squad to circuit Australia successful the past 20 years.

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